Farmer’s Insurance Tips in 15 seconds or Less




Farmer’s insurance wants to remind people about the small things that could save them thousands of dollars. But who wants to read a list of tips that might seem like common sense? Instead, they made short and funny 15 second videos to illustrate their point.

Created with RPA Santa Monica, The site is YouTube-like in that it shows a number of funny videos with limited additional content, such as more realistic tips below each video. Users can filter the content for advice about auto, home, or other. The videos play on common archetypes and varied video styles to keep the user engaged and entertained.

Starting on August 12, they also started rolling out Vine clips wit the hashtag #15secondsofsmart. 

Despite the quality of the content, the number of views is rather low. The action movie spoof earned 33K views in one week, but the other videos earned 300 views. 


Why I’m Curious

Even as consumers gravitate more and more to short-form content, quality content doesn’t always make the cut by itself. While it’s great to be playing in emergine media platforms, it’s still important to support these initiatives with more traditional efforts that can drive traffic to the content. I’m curious to see if the tweets and the hashtags will end up upping the traffic. 


Share your thoughts.

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