YouTube’s Founders Challenge Vine and Instagram With New Video App


Launched as a free download for iPhone on Thursday, MixBit is the latest product from the two co-founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen.

MixBit is a video-sharing app that “helps people create dynamic videos together”. It’s launching into a market dominated by Twitter’s Vine and Facebook’s Instagram, although its emphasis on collaboration makes it closer to another startup, Vyclone.

Users can shoot video clips between one second and an hour in length, edit them together and share them on MixBit’s community, as well as to Facebook and Twitter. They are also encouraged to “view, collect and mix” videos from other MixBit users.

Why I’m curious:

MixBit’s ability for users to collect and mix videos from other users has plenty of creative potential, and sets it apart from the Vine and Instagram communities.  But it also could spark discussions about copyright in a similar way to YouTube in its early years. I’m interested in seeing if brands will take on this community to encourage its fans to create more UGC content by leveraging branded assets.


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