Starbucks “Gun” Appreciation Day?


A popular Facebook group, “Gun Owners,” set up a public event on August 9 for “Starbucks appreciation day.”  The Gun Owners group is celebrating the fact that Starbucks will allow them to carry firearms in their store lawfully and also give thanks to them for being open about the right to bear arms.  The group asks that if supporters bring guns that they follow the state’s law and if they choose not to bring a firearm then they should wear pro-gun apparel.

Why I’m curious:

Starbucks has chosen to allow gun owners in to their store but they do not endorse the event.  I think it is curious that Starbucks does not want to be put in the middle of the debate but are also allowing the event to happen because their stores, “are gathering places for the communities we serve.”  I think it’s noble of Starbucks to stick to their brand and mission but by letting the event to happen they have basically chosen a side in the debate.  Although, Starbucks does not believe that this will turn away any pro-gun control supporters.  This event could simply be a gathering place for like minded individuals or it could be a mad house of protest, what is your take on Starbucks stance?


Share your thoughts.

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