Peer-to-Peer App Connects Hungry Strangers with Leftovers

Whether it’s physical goods, digital wares or simple services – there’s probably a peer-to-peer network out there for it – now there’s even one for leftovers as well. Leftover Swap is a smartphone app that makes it possible to barter or give away any leftovers you might have after a particularly big meal. While some people might recoil in disgust at the idea, it could be an excellent way to deal with the huge amounts food that Americans waste every year.


The concept is simple, snap a photo of whatever it is you have leftover and post it to the app’s database. Strangers in the same geographic area then have an option of trading you for the food — or just taking it off your hands.


Why I’m Curious: I’m curious how people will receive this concept of food-sharing. I know a fair share of germaphobes in this world, and I am interested to see if there are enough people out there who can get on board with the idea. I find it to be a very clever solution for minimizing the enormous amount of waste and feeding people in need. The concept seems to be much like the idea of couchsurfing where you have to be willing to show a little faith in other people.

There is a huge potential for environmental impact with an app like this, especially considering the fact that current rates of food production around the world won’t be enough to feed everyone by 2050.


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