Jack in the Box Tries to Get Fans to ‘Go Big’ on Vine

Jack in the Box is the latest brand to utilize Vine’s creative capabilities. In an effort to introduce their new promotional campaign, they created 101 Vine videos showing customers how they can ‘Go Big’ with the brand’s new menu items. They also encourage fans to create their own six-second video showing how they would Go Big and tweet it at #GoBigJack. The videos are being promoted on Twitter, Facebook and a site dedicated to GoBig.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 11.28.34 AM


Why I’m Curious

As Vine continues to have a presence on social, brands are trying to find creative ways to insert themselves into the conversation.

The level of effort, creativity, and motivation required to create a video for Jack in the Box, paired with the fact that there is no reward or mention of Jack in the Box using the customer submitted videos afterwords, makes me wonder what level of engagement they will receive. However, the majority of Vine videos I’ve seen have been from a younger demographic who love to create offbeat videos similar to the ones featured on the ‘Go Big’ site.


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