CoCreator is speed dating for entrepreneurs

TBWA and Business Gurus  launched a new mobile app, CoCreator, which it’s marketing as a “business speed-dater” aimed at connecting startup founders and CEOs to those who can help develop their businesses.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 10.42.44 AM

CoCreator was the idea of Preethi Mariappan, executive creative director of Digital at TBWA Create Lab Berlin and Ulrich Proeschel, VP of Business Development TBWA/Europe. It’s meant to work in six simple steps. First, sign up using your LinkedIn profile and your elevator pitch. Then specify your chosen area of collaboration. Third, browse the available experts related to your field. Then connect with those best suited to your needs. After that, converse with those who show interest in your idea. Lastly, develop your business with the help of your new collaborator.

“The idea of CoCreator is in our DNA, and businesses that disrupt their market feel at home in our culture. Why not create another story like that of our own creative legend Lee Clow and Steve Jobs, who met just over 30 years ago? Back then Steve was the co-founder of a young technology start-up. The rest is history” – Ulrich Proeschel.

Why I’m Curious

It can be extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to get their businesses off the ground. Seed funding often requires proof of concept (numbers, critical mass) which is near impossible if you can’t get your idea in front of people.  CoCreator is much needed industry tool that could do wonders for first-time entrepreneurs. TBWA is not only showing their support for the industry, they’re showing their support for their people / talent and creativity in general. Citing the Lee Clow + Steve Jobs collaboration as their key source of inspiration and framing Apple as a start-up truly highlights the potential of such a platform. I’m curious to see whether industry professionals flock to it to aid new businesses and what will be in it for them…


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