Augmented Reality Furniture Shopping With IKEA


In 2014, IKEA will release a new catalog that allows its consumers to augment reality with their tablet or mobile device and view the brand’s furniture in their home – right then and there. By placing the magazine in the chosen location for the piece of furniture, the buyer can use their device to test out different models, colors, and other products until they find the one they like.

From The Huffington Post,

“There are 90 products available to try, letting you get a rough idea of the size and dimensions of whatever you’re going to buy. All they need now is a version that will help you work out if the flat packs are going to fit in your car to get it all home.”


Why I’m Curious:

Virtual shopping is a curious subject because it allows the consumer to make purchase decisions in the comfort of their own home. Augmented reality allows the consumer to manipulate their space, which opens doors to other categories of shopping – for instance, apparel brands. I predict other industries will get involved in augmented reality mobile apps, for example clothing brands, shoe brands and even jewelry designers. Perhaps one day we won’t even need to leave our homes to go shopping – all thanks to the nature of digital and its ability to create immediacy and efficiency in our everyday tasks.


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