Amstel Vending Machine Rewards People With Free Beer For Standing Still

To encourage people to ‘take a break’ from work, Dutch beer brand Amstel and creative agency Next-DC collaborated to create a vending machine that rewards people with free beer for doing nothing. Called the ‘Amstel Pause’, participants simply had to push a button, stand in front of the vending machine and wait for three full minutes. When the three minutes were up, they would be rewarded with a cold can of Amstel beer. (from Design Taxi)

Why I’m Curious

Highly technical vending machine campaigns continue to engage consumers, and have been used by everyone from Coke to Douwe Egberts, but this seems to be the first involving an alcoholic beverage. While all other examples reward people for doing something, Amstel forgoes that and is rewarding those that just stand there. No constant brand messaging blaring from a screen, no required sharing with friends, just a little patience.


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