Yawn-Activated Coffee Machines Surprise Travelers

Based on research, Douwe Egberts coffee discovered that consumers tended to switch to their brand after sampling a cup of their joe. To drive contextually relevant sampling, the brand placed a yawn-activated coffee dispenser in an airport, a place where tired travelers were sure to be found. Watch to see what happened next.


From Adverblog & Mashable

Why I’m Curious

With so much advertising being fueled by the latest industry trends rather than research, it’s refreshing to see a tactic that’s rooted in a solid strategic insight. However, based on the fairly low sampling number (210 individuals participated), it seems the brand wanted consumers to be surprised when they yawned and received a coffee rather than overtly communicating the process. Though directly stating “yawn to get a free coffee” would have removed some of the surprise and delight, it seems that travelers would have still been ecstatic, and far more samples would have been distributed, laddering up to the ultimate strategic goal: get people to try the coffee and they’ll switch to it. Moral of the story to all strategists – don’t miss the creative reviews!


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