What’s in your News Feed?

It looks like Facebook may be trying to demystify one of the most essential, yet frustrating aspects of their network: the News Feed. According to TechCrunch, the social media giant sent out an invite to a press event on August 6 to clear up confusion about what appears in the News Feed, announce a ranking algorithm change, and preview the future of the feed.


Why I’m Curious:

This move is very unlike Facebook, which has been very tight-lipped about the methods behind what you see in your News Feed. But it seems the time has come for the team to open up and tell everyone what’s behind the curtain. Have you ever wondered why it seems like you keep hearing from the same friends over and over, while others you haven’t heard from in months? You’re not alone. For years, both Facebook users and brands have been wondering why certain updates show up the News Feed and others don’t.

Hopefully this event will provide some clarity. So stay tuned at 10 a.m. PST Tuesday to see what Zuckerberg and crew have in store.


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