Artiphany Creates Greeting Cards That Augment Reality


A company called Artiphany has recently launched a different way for people to receive their Gizmo greeting cards – blending direct mail, tablet or mobile device, and the increasingly popular technology of augmented reality. Once the physical letter is received in the mail, the recipient will be prompted to use their smartphone or tablet device to activate the animation via digital software called DAQRI. The sender has the ability to choose between three different simulations of the red robot in action depending on the content of the card – for example, a clip of the character snowboarding as seen in the image above.



From Mashable,

“Although greeting cards may seem a bit outdated, the industry is still worth as much as $8 billion a year.

Therefore augmented reality, which has been gaining a significant amount of traction in concepts such as children’s coloring books and even auto repairs, may actually work well when paired with greeting cards.”

Why I’m Curious:

It is always curious to see how augmented reality is integrating itself into our digitally oriented culture. E-cards have been a popular advancement of greeting cards for a while so it is suitable that the next step in the marketplace is being explored. Although this activation by Artiphany is a small-scale effort, I think this concept has major potential for the future of cards – opening up opportunities for holidays, weddings, and other celebratory events.


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