America’s most honest cities revealed by Honest Tea’s social experiment

Honest Tea created a national experiment to discover how “honest” US consumers are when nobody is looking.

The way in which the experiment worked was that Honest set up unattended kiosks in 61 spots in the US leaving Honest Tea clearly visible. Consumers had the choice to leave $1 or take one for free (i.e. steal it). However, what consumers did not know was that Honest has been tracking user behaviors to determine where the most honest cities are. Honest even goes as far as identifying honest cities by gender and appearance. Some of the final results so far conclude that women tend to be more honest then men, men without beards tended to be more honest, blond people tended to be more honest, L.A. and New York were not vey honest etc.


Why I am Curious:
I think the campaign is well done and very cute but it’s a little scary to me how easy it is to get information about people. In not getting to see these kiosks up close and personal, it’s hard to tell if people knew they were being tracked but I don’t think even that would have mattered. In general, it’s very common to see people give up very personal information if there is a free component/reward in return. I’m curious to see where people draw the line to their own privacy. I am also curious to know if breaking behaviors down by appearance holds true for other categories. Was this more of a coincidence or factual?


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