TOMS brings product customization to Google Hangouts

TOMS launched “The World’s First Human Powered Product Customizer” last week.  It is a week long campaign where the brand used Hangouts On Air to broadcast artist, Tyler Ramsey, hand-paint pairs of shoes and eyeware cases on demand.  Users called in their orders through a phone number and Ramsey would customize orders in real time in TOMS’ Venice store, where he is living and working throughout the program.

To support the program, TOMS also posted content from the campaign on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with #livecustometoms.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 11.48.52 AM

Why I’m Curious:

Shoe customizations are not uncommon for footwear brands.  TOMS proclaims that this is the world’s first and longest product customizer on Google Hangouts.  This is a great example of the opportunities that lie in Google Hangouts.  Consumers love it when brands are attentive to personalization and customization.  Even if a users is not directly engaging with the Hangout, it is still fun to watch activations happen in real time.

Furthermore, Tech Crunch recently reported Google’s secret project, Helpouts, a eCommerce marketplace for skills that utilizes Google Hangouts.  I believe that this extension of Hangouts could enhance the customer experience even more through skill sharing and customer service.


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