The Future Of Airline Websites

What if there was a way to book a better flight? According to J.D. Power, eighty-seven percent of travelers used the Internet for the bulk of their travel planning in 2012, yet the online booking experience being offered by modern airlines is still stuck in the 90s. Inspired by the opportunity to bring progressive disruption to this huge marketplace, we reviewed all major airline websites, and graded them against design and usability criteria including: information architecture, interaction design and visual design. The results were disheartening. We believe that unless the airlines take drastic measures to improve their digital experiences, third-party sites like Kayak and Expedia will continue to eat into their profits. So we launched an experiment to explore, “what if?”


Why I’m Curious

This case study website of how the airline industry could change in booking and also the curiosity and the approach to booking travel. When this new example went around to the Account team this week, everyone was discussing the applications and usage for not only our client but also how competitors might pick this up. It’s interesting to think about how far behind some of the travel websites are and how much of a game-changer a disruptive all-in-one site like this could be.


Share your thoughts.

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