Royal Baby Newsjacking

Ever since the Oreo tweet during the superbowl blackout, timely, relevant newsjacking has been on the minds of all social media marketers. The occasion of the birth of the new royal baby proved to be a prime moment for similar tweets. 


In the week building up to the birth of Prince George Alexander Louis to Prince William and Kate, there were many types of UGC content surrounding the naming of the baby. The baby craze seemed to take over celebrity tweets the most, with celebs like Ellen DeGeneres and Bethenny Frankel sending tweets of love to the couple when they discovered the gender of the baby. 


Newsjacking is the process by which brands enter that same conversation to drive engagement and earned media for themselves in conjunction with a major cultural event. Brands thought it was a great opportunity to join the #royalbaby conversation and here are some examples: 




Pampers keeps it relevant with a simple tweet about babys and appeals to moms everywhere who think their child is their most cherished relationship. The video adds to the heartwarming feeling directly related to the the royal couple’s experience. 




Oreo takes a more humorous approach, poking fun at the buzz surrounding the royal baby just for being royal. 




Charmin some brands, however, try to hard to be included in the conversation either stretching the brand’s relevancy or driving the humor angle a bit too hard. 


Why I’m Curious

Newsjacking is a delicate artform and requires swift maneuverability on the side of the agency to find the right angle with which to attach your brand to the story. But one thing to be wary of is if the brand seems to be forcing the connection too much, it  should abandon the newsjacking effort altogether. It all becomes a question of fit — if the fit isn’t right the results can be disastrous. 




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