Quit Smoking With The Help Of Tweeting Ciggy


R/GA is approaching America’s tobacco addiction in a new way by integrating a smoking cessation product with social media to help consumers recognize their smoking habits. @TweetingCiggy posts daily messages about money saved, number of cigarettes smoked, and personal shouts outs to different product users. The agency is hopeful that this Twitter-connected electronic cigarette will catch the smoker’s attention by approaching the matter through their social life.

From PSFK,

“R/GA used an Arduino microcontroller to connect the e-cigarette to the internet. They placed a conducive tape over the button of the e-cigarette and made a cigarette box that contains the Arduino, a Bluetooth shield and a small battery. When the e-cigarette button is pressed, the conducive tape sends a signal to the Arduino which then connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone app.”

Why I’m Curious:

I’m curious to see how affective this campaign will actually be in helping people kick the habit. Using a social tool like Twitter makes it possible to see a definite record of how often a consumer is using their e-cigarette therefore making progress easily traceable – potentially a great idea. A downside although is how this will not help a person trying to quit who caves and smokes a real cigarette. Since these cannot be recorded there will be no digital reinforcement from TweetingCiggy.


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