Mentos Creates Personalized News For Facebook Users


As part of their “Stay Fresh” campaign, Mentos has launched the Fresh News Facebook app which allows users to create personalized video news reports based on their Facebook activity.

The bulletins make up a 24-hour news channel that serves up a constant stream of humorous news reports by pulling in material from users’ updates on Facebook and connected social media accounts, including Foursquare. Two news anchors present a satirical show highlighting a user’s recent escapades, and emphasizing how “fresh” the subject may or may not be, depending on what he or she has been posting lately.
Create your news here. (Source: AdAge)

Why I’m Curious:

As Adage put it, Mentos is clearly “capitalizing on the narcissism that fuels social media”. And they do so in a humorous, sharable way to create a one of a kind experience for the user. The app allows also Mentos to access a huge list of data that can then be used in countless ways to learn more about their target and create future content and initiatives that will appeal to them.

Text from the app permission: Mentos Fresh News would like to access your public profile, friend list, friend requests, News Feed, relationships, relationship interests, birthday, work history, education history, events, groups, hometown, interests, current city, photos, questions, religious and political views, follows and followers, website, personal description, likes, music activity, games activity and your friends’ relationships, birthdays, events, current cities and religious and political views.”


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