Swedish crowdfunding startup Reupp “reanimates” axed TV shows

Reupp—a Stockholm-based online platform—taps into the power of international crowdfunding to bring back popular, but one cancelled TV series as well as those that are still airing but may need support to stay alive.

The service features a number of popular TV series including Game of Thrones, Futurama, and Arrested Development. The way it works is simple. Anyone interested in backing a show grant an “x” amount of money via PayPal to get series “resurrected” or to stay alive. Any funds not used are refunded back to backers.

Why I am Curious:
Funding a TV show is typically in the millions of dollars. I am curious to see if this is more of a petition related approach showing the large amounts of people who want to bring shows back or if shows really will raise enough money to keep running or to be resurrected.


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