Interactive hands by Honda

Honda’s two-minute viral film, Hands, is a whistle-stop tour of the Japanese brand’s 65-year history, showing how it has innovated in a number of different areas, from lawn-mowers to robots, motorbikes to sports cars.

Watch the interactive version on their website.

Results: Uploaded onto YouTube on 3 July, Honda Hands attracted over 4 million views in 2 weeks.

Why I’m curious:

This is a brilliant creative execution which turns a brand story that might only be relevant to a small audience (in this case engineers) to an engaging story that’s interesting and sharable for mass consumers. While in the past, videos of brand histories are usually serious and emotionally-charged,  I start to see more and more brands taking on this light-hearted approach to engage mass consumers with short attention span. Recently released Herman Miller’s brand history video is another good example.


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