Instagram Video Scavenger Hunt

Fox Home Entertainment launched the first Instagram Video scavenger hunt during this year’s Comic-Con. The company’s Twitter will offer clues to eight Fox show-themed locations and objects. Users must capture themselves at all the locations in one video and share with the hashtag #wherethefox.

From Mashable,

“With the rise in popularity of social video, we saw this as the right time to try something new,” said Mary Daily, chief marketing officer at Fox Home Entertainment. Daily points out that Comic-Con offers some of the world’s most socially engaged fans.

The prize: tickets to the FX/Maxim bash, one of the most sought-after parties at Comic-Con (after the Mashable Supermemes party, of course).


Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.34.31 PM

Why I’m Curious

Instagram scavenger hunts were huge, but now it’s not the most exciting way to utilize UGC. It’s interesting to see that using the exact same idea, on the exact same platform, with a new feature is now a newsworthy and innovative idea. Granted, it is Comic-Con and attendees can we access to a great party, so I’m curious to see the results and how many videos are uploaded.


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