US Airport Security Now On Instagram


Last month, Airport Security activated on one of today’s most popularly used social media platforms, Instagram, as a way to show the public the items they do not permit on an aircraft. To date, the official account has posted 11 photos and gained almost 40,000 followers. It can be found via the iPhone app or by searching on Google for “tsablogteam” (

From PSFK,

“The TSA blog team provides an insight into their security work by documenting a variety of dangerous items such as fireworks, knives, guns, grenades, daggers, loaded pistols, a belt buckle knife, a credit card knife, and even a stun gun disguised as a pack of cigarettes.”

Why I’m Curious:

I find this curious because social media has today become so widely integrated socially, professionally, culturally, and now we are seeing it used civically. The government is typically viewed as a ‘scary’ entity to the public but for TSA to create an Instagram I think it shows that they are on the same page as the rest of society digitally and that they are keeping up with the times in a friendly, more personable way. This makes me wonder if other government divisions will follow this trend.


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