TouchCast Aims To Reinvent Online Video With Interactive Apps

From PSFK:

TouchCast is an iPad app for video authoring and discovery and founders, Erik Schonfeld, Charley Miller and Edo Segal, have developed it with the purpose of “reinvent online video and rethink the web in a way that looks like TV but still feels like the web.”


The founders hope to better integrate online video with the interactivity of the web. Schonfeld explains that video hasn’t been upgraded to its full working capacity. He explains,

The whole problem with video right now is it doesn’t really play nicely with the rest of the web.

Netflix, Hulu and all the online video sites are just different “channels” you can watch videos on but online videos still remain sort of clunky and unresponsive. The team at TouchCast hopes to correct this problem by making video more interactive.

The app they offer is a powerful video creation tool that doesn’t require all the work that video editing normally does (in fact, the current app doesn’t allow you to do any real post-production work at all — you just shoot and share), but can enrich the experience with what the company calls vApps. These allows you to integrate photos from Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Google maps into your video. In this manner, your video interacts with the rest of the web and doesn’t remain as a stationary block on the web.

Why Am I Curious?

We have seen example of interactive video before but this brings a new dimension to storytelling on the web and  enriches it more texture  – no doubt there can be interesting applications particularly for educators and trainers. In addition, while there seem to be some proponents of the idea with the claim that it is hard to absorb this many pieces of information at once, this is undoubtedly the way of the future and it is the only next generations will know how to function.


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