Outback B-Day Chair

Outback strikes back!  Outback is taking back personal birthday experiences by using social media.  Outback has taken social media offline and has installed a B-day chair for some of their Brazilian locations.  The birthday boy or girl logs into to Facebook and every time someone wishes them a Happy Birthday on their page the B-day chair will give them a hug.  Outback worked with ad agency, Lew’Lara\TBWA, to create this offline experience and is set to launch in all Brazilian locations by the end of the year.

Why I’m Curious

What a great way to get people into your restaurant and build brand advocacy online.  By using the Facebook app to connect with their friends odds are they are liking the Outback Facebook page and so are their friends.  Outback is bridging the gap between offline and online and this is a great campaign to attract more fans on Facebook and keep existing customers.  Who wouldn’t want to head to an Outback Steakhouse only to receive the utmost birthday respect and be truly appreciated by a brand?


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