Only 20% of brands make a significant effect on people’s well-being.

Havas Media reports that consumers only feel 20% of brands truly impact their lives. The report, utilizing a unique framework, tracked brand connections to consumer quality of life and well-being. They looked at over 700 brands, and over 134,000 consumers, in 23 countries. Although the percent of brands impacting consumer well-being was low, the brands that did/do impact their lives, impact it at a high level. The top meaningful brands chosen for UK, US, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy and Spain were: Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Nestle, and Sony, however, on a global level, tech brands dominated.

Meaningfule brands

Some of the key insights from the report include that: (1) a majority of customers wouldn’t care if 73% of brands vanished—leaving 27% left, (2) only ~30% of customers in the UK and US believe brands work hard to improve their lives, (3) and only 21% of people in the UK, and US feel brands communicate with them honestly etc.

Only 20% of brands make a significant effect on people’s well-being.

Why I’m Curious:
We talk a lot about creating meaningful experiences, yet so much of the products and services that consumers receive feel like noise. I think it is interesting to see how little impact brands have on consumers because it’s going to challenge us to start thinking a little deeper when it comes to creating meaningful content. It will become pertinent to see the bigger picture and to create solutions that fit seamlessly into to the things most meaningful to them now—i.e. health, happiness, financial, relationships and community etc. Also, because tech feels most meaningful to them, this is a big opportunity for us to continue driving solutions that incorporate digital.


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