The always-clever IKEA is at it again. With help of agency Droga5, a “racy” website was launched that shows Ikea’s best-selling MALM bed frame in various compromising positions.

From PSFK, is patterned after a typical porn site and features photos with titillating captions like ‘Hot Malm’s Bottom Stuffed,’ ‘Hot Malm From Behind,’ and ‘Big Beautiful Malm Strips Outside.’ The website also organizes Malms in categories such as ‘Big Beautiful Malms,’ ‘Mature Malms,’ and ‘Twin Malms.’ There is also a page where visitors can view a live feed of hot malms.

Although the captions and even the background music are very suggestive, the entire site claims to be safe for work.




Why I’m Curious

Ikea always has great digital ideas and most serve a purpose for customers. However, even if the main goal of this website is hilarity, it’s succeeding. Some brands try to be risqué and funny, but sometimes at the risk of their objective. I’m curious where the line actually lies or if it’s always going to be a test and learn approach.


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