If This Then That, a service that allows you to connect two different apps or services, is now available for iPhone. The service has apparently been available as a web app since at least December of last year.

The service allows users to specify parameters (termed “recipes”) by which an action in one app will trigger an action in another, e.g. “when friend X posts a picture in Instagram, send me an SMS alert.” The amount of possible recipes is seemingly limitless, and by most accounts I’ve come across, the service works pretty smoothly.id660944635

Why I’m Curious?

This just sounds awesome to me…endlessly convenient for users, and a great example of technology being harnessed to make life easier.

It may also have potential as a tool for advertisers to target users during particularly relevant times, though I wonder about privacy/allowing users to opt-in…I suppose the app could house stock, branded recipes during promotional periods…? Ultimately, the output of the recipe has to be an interaction that users want…Might be an interesting platform for deal distribution or contests.


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