Heineken Dares Travelers To Play Departure Roulette

-Olga Boyko

Weiden+Kennedy set up a board at JFK Terminal 8 that dares travelers to drop their existing travel plans and play a little game of “Departure Roulette.” The new location is always a surprise and promises to be more exotic than the traveller’s previous plans. Once the location is revealed, the traveller must board the plane immediately. A man who was originally planning on a trip to Vienna, ended up boarding a plane to Cypress instead with $2000 from Heineken to cover expenses.
The game is in reference to Heineken’s new “Dropped” campaign. 4 men are dropped at remote locations and are given cameras to film their adventures.
(via AdWeek)


Why I’m Curious
This type of stunt is really interesting to me not just because it piques my own sense of adventure, but because it’s a great way to appeal to thrill seekers and “citizens of the world.” Heineken – as well as Dos Equis – brands itself as the beer choice for the adventurous man and so “Departure Roulette” dares the average person to live in the moment and say yes to the experience.

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