Foursquare Promotion at 4 Knots Music Festival



During the 4 Knots Music Festival, individuals were asked to participate in their Foursquare challenge. The festival paired with sponsors including Bellie Page and Marshall Headphones and featured their products as prizes including $100 giftcards and headphones. 4Knots also utilized different social media platforms including Facebook and twitter into their flyers.

Why I’m Curious:

Some Social Media, in particularly FourSquare, are questionable in terms of popularity and user experience or involvement. I’m curious to see the results of participation in this particular challenge. I checked in (unfortunately didn’t win) but none of the people that I was with A- had the app B- were willing to download the app for the challenge. In reality if foursquare were a bigger social media network like Twitter or Facebook I would assume that a lot more individuals in the New York area would of heard about the free concert and joined in.

I also love the implementation of digital and traditional media. The idea that a print poster sparked offline to online engagement is genius. The incentive was there to check in (the prizes) but I think this would of performed better with higher engagement if Foursquare was replaced with a network like Twitter or Facebook.



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