Vine Talent Agency; Looking for Vine Talent


Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 3.19.57 PM

A creation of a new talent agency called Grape Story was created by Vaynerchuk, because he thought it took a very creative individual to have a serious following on Vine due to the fact that their needs to A) be a story- with a beginning, middle, and end, and B) it can only take over a span of 6 seconds. In the eyes of Vaynerchuk, for a Vine user to have a following of 314,000 people, is a series reflection of Vine Talent.

Via Fast Company

“Even though it’s six seconds, it still has to have a beginning, middle, and end whether it’s explicit or not,” Mancuso says. “So I think, okay, how can I deliver some kind of six-second progression with a bang that delivers something.… The fact that it loops actually gives a lot of flexibility for comedy.”

Why I’m Curious:

It amazes me how talent scouts are now even looking at Vine to track down and locate the social media entertainer experts. When Jenna Marbles became a YouTube sensation heads were turned- but now it’s even come to Vine Personalities. I wonder how the scope of famous internet personalities will turn out.


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