Popup London’s Take on Food Trucks Via Twitter


@FoodPit has created a Twitter feed to provide the public with tongue-in-cheek comments on the food vendor trend that is becoming increasingly popular in London. Although these tweets are completely made up, the posts from “Popup London” are witty, eye-catching, and aim to create buzz.

From PSFK,

“With short and sweet reviews of fictional meals, the account skewers the pomp and snobbery that accompanies the capital’s foodie culture. It is biting and funny, and suggests that maybe £20 ($30) burgers and no-reservation places are not the be-all and end-all.”

Why I’m Curious: 

I find this curious because this concept of unconventional Twitter usage is currently trending and appears to be receiving positive feedback. Other instances where this platform is being used alternatively include Fiat’s new social media promotion for the “Abarth 500” (http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/fiats-abarth-500-so-fast-you-cant-follow-it-twitter-150294) where one cannot follow the car on Twitter because it is physically too fast. These promotional stunts involve the consumer in a unique way, which stirs up buzz for the brand. Between these short-term and long-term instances of engagement, I’m curious to see if this is the future of digital strategy for many brands down the road.


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