#MashTag Brew

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A new beer to hit the streets in the UK has been made completely from Twitter and Facebook users suggestions from the ingredients to the name.  BrewDog allowed over 5,000 fans to vote on name title, beer elements, and even design the label of the beer.  The winning design is actually featured on the bottle as well as the name that was voted on.  The final product, #MashTag, is an American Brown Ale made from New Zealand hops and includes Hazelnut and Oak chips.

Why I’m Curious

This is not the first consumer produced beer that has incorporated social media in to the mix.  BrewDog has followed in Odell Brewing footsteps and created a Twitter and Facebook community solely around their beer contest and vote.  They have opened the floor for great engagement from their fans and have created awareness for craft beer drinkers all over the world.  Odell Brewing came up with the idea back in 2009 and landed on the beer #TwitterBrew.  Sam Adams also used social media to crowdsource their beer and served it at South by Southwest Festival in 2012.

I am curious to see if this concept will explode and the future of craft beers will rely solely on the consumer via social media.  After all, anyone can make their own craft beer if they have the time and resources, consumers could eliminate the hassel of DIY but still enjoy a great beer they made.  With the direction social media is growing and the amount of awareness that a brand can gain from fans I do not think that it is so far fetched.  Why not give consumers and fans a great user experience and involve them in the process?


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