In NYC: Even The Homeless Are Getting Fit

By now you’ve probably heard of the fitness craze ‘SoulCycle’ and it’s exclusive (due to expensive) classes. In an effort to break that barrier and make getting in shape accessible to everyone, even the homeless, one New Yorker, known as ‘Fat Jew’, is making sure that lack of funds or accessibility aren’t the factors preventing them.

Utilizing Citibikes, a bike sharing program that recently invaded New York City, Fabrizio Goldstein (his real name) had the homeless gather and sit on docked rental bikes as he taught them how to do an effective workout in his mock ‘SoulCycle’ class.

He shouted out words of encouragement like “Work it, you deserve it.” And in the end, he said he was just one new yorker helping out another.


Why I’m Curious:

It’s a great representation of city pride and wanting to make the city better as a whole and not just for themselves. It was also unexpected positive reinforcement for the Citi brand. It shows how their service is going beyond it’s original purpose and helping people in multiple ways.



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