Find a Job with Augmented Reality

Nokia recently launched, JobLens, an Augmented Reality app that serves up job openings based on a user’s location.  The app is exclusive on the Nokia Lumia phone running on the Windows OS.

It leverages the handset’s built-in camera, as well as Nokia Maps, to serve up a number of job openings based on the user’s location. The augmented reality is similar to Nokia’s rather novel City Lens app, and should help out jobseekers patrolling their neighborhood with a pile of resumes.


The app personalizes the user’s job serach based on their social graph on LinkedIn and Facebook and bring up relevant listings for more accurate and relevant results.

The app integrates Indeed and to check pay scales and Zillow for neighborhood demographics. JobLens also includes a ‘Get You There’ feature that provides the user with turn-by-turn directions to make sure they hit their job interview on time.

Why I’m Curious:

I’ve always been interested in the implication of Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile apps.  Many AR apps are gimmicky and are not sustainable.  Nokia’s attempt to utilize AR in the job market is innovative but is location that much of a crucial factor for job seekers?  Will job seekers walk around the city with the app to search for jobs?

Will AR ever take off?


Share your thoughts.

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