Crowd Sourced Fashion Shoot


The Selfridges department store launched an interactive ad campaign to promote its new denim department made up of images shot by the public.

The shop held a catwalk event and invited audience members to take pictures of denim-clad models using their smartphones or digital cameras. The images were used to create a collage to live online and on digital billboards. Photos and video from the experience can be viewed here.

Selfridges is also inviting jeans fans to submit Instagram photos of their favorite denim using the hashtag #denimlovers. Selected photos will appear in the store’s window displays and each week, one winner will receive a free pair of jeans.

Why I’m Curious

There’s still quite a bit of room in the digital space for unique crowd sourcing. I appreciate seeing brands execute these programs to freshen a somewhat routine initiative – in this case a fashion shoot. There was just a 16 hr. turnaround to collect the images from 300 shoot attendees to create the finished collage. In the end, the experience could be viewed at all angles and shared by anyone. I think it’s a neat way to work with influencers and get people involved and invested in the branded experience. Additionally, the Instagram hashtag sweepstakes rounds out the social photo sharing aspect of campaign.


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