Vine Reacts to Instagram Video with a Promoted Tweet

Following (or right before) the announcement of Instagram’s new video feature, Vine promoted a tweet thanking users for all the videos they’ve created. It was a nice tactic to keep the original mini-video platform top-of-mind among the trending conversation about Insta-video. But the update seems to be inciting a social media battle of sorts.

We know that Vine is more popular on Twitter than Instagram (and rightfully so since it’s seamlessly incorporated), and we also know that Facebook owns Instagram. CNN seems to think that Facebook is a Twitter copycat.

Why I’m Curious

There used to be a much clearer distinction between different social media platforms. Facebook was for networking with fellow students, then friends, and now everyone. Twitter was strictly for 140 character posts. YouTube for video, Instagram for images, and so on. But the lines are getting blurred with each update. And social media platforms are competing with each other to keep their users engaged for longer.

So what’s the benefit of using all Facebook products instead of Twitter? Will people start sticking to one platform for all their social media needs? I’m curious to see how the Instagram update (and more to come in the future) will effect how we use social media.


Share your thoughts.

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