Rumor: Facebook to Roll Out Google Reader Replacement

Facebook RSS

Image from TechCrunch

Last week AllFacebook reported the prospect of Facebook rolling out a Google Reader replacement on the heels of Google’s much-loved product saying adios at the end of June.

Developer Tom Waddington who accurately predicted the arrival of Facebook hashtags recently discovered pieces of code in Facebook that not-so-secretly hint at the introduction of a future RSS feature.

With Facebook serving as the quintessential content hub of the social web, such news only makes it more likely that consumers will continue to discover more and more content through social channels rather than search. The ramifications for brands? Now is undoubtedly the time to regularly produce content that consumers will want to read and then share with friends.

Why I’m Curious

Though all signs point to content, content, content, so many brands have yet to step into the future of advertising.

But for brands that aren’t already in the content game, it’s time to jump in. The brands who have invested in articles, slideshows, video, content platforms – anything that can be quickly (and realistically) digested in Facebook’s content-based platform – these are the brands that will prevail in capturing the coveted attention of consumers in a social-based era. 

Because let’s be honest, creating a viral hit or banking on an Oreo “You Can Dunk in the Dark” moment to drive mass reach, while fantastically ambitious, is not a sustainable content/social model. Sure, big ideas must still come to life, creating those big bursts of buzz we in the ad biz all crave, but it’s incredibly important that a brand’s momentum in the content space consistently drive mass impressions and engagement. By playing publisher, brands have the opportunity to own instead of rent, to be integrated into real life instead of disrupting real life.

Content is the future, so who’s ready to hop on board?





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