Privacy Glasses

Don’t worry about your privacy being infringed by Google Glass anymore because Japan’s National Institute of Technology has developed an opposition to protect you.  The glasses are still in development but they use 11 near-infrared LEDs around the frames of the glasses to block from cameras and face recognition technology.  The light is only visible to the cameras and makes detection for identification fail.  The glasses right now do only work if the camera or face recognition technology uses infrared technology but they are working on another set of glasses that use reflective materials to avoid this problem.

Why I’m Curious

There have been some ethical questions raised for Google Glass and other wearable technologies in regards to privacy so why shouldn’t there be a device to protect yourself?  This could also be applied to the TSA in airports where they can literally body scan you and eventually will be able to see what you ate for breakfast before you board a plane.  These glasses could make it easier for criminals to shoplift, rob a bank, or even commit crimes on the street by avoiding security cameras like CCTV.  Maybe the glasses would not be great for bank robberies but in regards to CCTV and Google Glass, why can’t people fight back on privacy?  The actual question is, how will the government regulate both glasses and/or will they?


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