Petcube enables owners to remotely play with pets

Petcube is a camera and robotic laser that lets owners check on – and play with – their pets when they’re out of the house.

“Developed by Ukraine-based trio Alex Neskin, Yaroslav Azhnyuk and Andrey Klen, the Petcube takes the form of a stylish 10 x 10 x 10 cm box containing a wide angle camera, microphone and speaker. The device is connected to the household’s wifi and – through the Petcube mobile app – owners can then view a live video stream of their pet from any location”. – Springwise

What if Sparky is out of view?? There is a speaker that allows people to call their pets AND  a controllable laser pointer that users can control to entertain their pets. You can even make the page available to your friends so that they can play with Sparky while you (and they) are at work.

Why I’m Curious

With so many pet owners working and leaving their pets at home during the day, something like Petcube can fill a big void… of guilt. Being able to monitor your pet AND entertain / interact with them while you are out during the day is certainly comforting and allows for a virtual connection to them when you can’t be there.  The social element of inviting friends to play is a nice touch as well – now your pet can have multiple lasers chasing it around all day.


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