Pensa Creates Complimentary Outdoor Cellphone Chargers in NYC


Cellphone charging kiosks will be implemented on 25 different blocks of Manhattan for the busy people of NYC to power their mobile devices on the go. “Street Charge” created by Pensa, is a green initiative that charges one’s cellphone purely by solar energy. “A rest stop for the urban age” (FastCompany), this new technology has ties with both AT&T and Goal Zero and has the potential to be quite an innovatory and eco-friendly concept for city dwellers.

From FastCompany,

“…Rather than building Street Charge as a modification for existing signs, which would require a whole other level of negotiations, the system has been redesigned to serve as a self-sufficient battery-filled pole that can be dropped anywhere–from a swatch of unused asphalt to a patch of grass in a city park. And in fact, the majority of installations will be in these natural, electricity dead zones…”

Why I’m Curious:

I’m curious about this technology because I immediately spot a comparison to airport charging stations. These are a huge hit with frequent flyers and I see this new innovation becoming quite helpful to city residents – people that are always on the go and commonly forget their chargers. Another reason to take note of this article is because it involves a primary competitor to one of our agency’s clients, Verizon. I predict this will pose as great PR for the company and showcase it’s involvement in the community’s ongoing efforts to go green. AT&T makes a respectable move by getting involved in this and showing that they are on track with what’s most technologically relevant to the people of New York.


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