Nike Allows Their Fans to Connect With Lebron James



Nike is now allowing their followers on Facebook to call a designated number (305) 767-2226 for the ability to leave a message for Lebron James after winning his second consecutive championship last night, June 20, 2013. The promotional video has a variety of different celebrities ranging from Warren Buffet, Bill Russel, to Drake and Dre, all congratulating Lebron on his big win and MVP status with the Miami Heat.

Promotional Video

Why I’m Curious:

It’s interesting to see an innovative company like Nike, start this interactive campaign that resorts back to using phone messages as it’s platform as oppose to tweets, facebook post, or other social media tools. I’m curious to see if A) Lebron will actually be receiving the thousands (maybe more) phone messages his fans leave, or B) if people will actually engage with this campaign to begin with since it involves more effort than a simple tweet or post. 

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