FAA May Allow Electronic Devices During Takeoff and Landing


Big news for anyone who is a frequent traveler!

(From Mashable)

The Federal Aviation Administration is primed to finally let flyers use their phones, tablets and other digital devices during taxiing, takeoff and landing, per a report.

The Wall Street Journal reports an advisory panel will recommend the FAA make changes to its low-altitude gadget use rules later this year.

The panel’s decisions aren’t set in stone yet. Reportedly, however, it may suggest flyers be allowed to use electronic devices in airplane mode during takeoff, landing and taxiing. It may also expand the window for passengers to surf the web or send emails via 3G or LTE.

Why I’m Curious

Why did it take this long? And what’s next? Will the FAA ever allow users to talk on their phones during flights as well? How will they be able to regulate that from happening?



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