A Midsummer Night’s Dream Goes Digital

The Royal Shakespeare Company and Google have teamed up to take A Midsummer Night’s Dream digital…What does that mean? Had a tough time figuring it out myself, but I found this video to be pretty helpful in explaining:

In short, the project is attempting to harness the de-centralized, multi-dimensional nature in which stories unfold online to add further depth to a work of fiction. Here’s Google’s Tom Uglow (Project director) with an illustrative example:

“Remember Charlie Sheen’s dramatic online breakdown in 2011? No one was in control of that story, and yet the world followed an electric plot that twisted and turned and looped back on itself. Most significantly, we found ourselves telling and re-telling Charlie’s story. Collectively we moved the narrative forward from multiple viewpoints, with differing degrees of accuracy. All via a deceptively simple mechanism – putting a hashtag [#] in-front of a word: #winning.” Read more.

The project is called Midsummer Night’s Dreaming – Click through for the project’s hub experience.

Why I’m Curious?

The project sounds incredibly innovative in theory…ultimately, though, its success will rely on whether or not its able to rally enough participation to make the digital experience rich enough.

Assuming it’s a success, it’ll be interesting to see if the format is adapted to suit other sorts of live events.


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