Watch Out: Newly Launched “Beautiful Mind” Neuro-Design Lab May Blow Your Mind

Founded by the consultancy firm Purpose, Beautiful Mind is the first “neuro-design lab” of its kind and has recently launched in the UK. The lab aims to create transformational experiences informed by neuroscience, behavioral science, coupled with design thinking.

As the world continues to change at a rapid pace, the need for creating rapid innovation only continues to increase in order to stay ahead, relevant and in business. Beautiful Mind seeks to help brands see and think differently and go beyond thinking about services that meet efficiencies to services that hold agility and creativity. They strive to do this through asking questions that are good/different to elicit transformational answers. In doing so they hope to create compelling new narratives for user brains to adopt and adapt to new thought/behavioral shifts.

Why I’m Curious:
We constantly talk about not just selling a product/service but selling an experience. But how can this be done and what is it that we need to do to create those agile and creative experiences? On a neurological level our brains tries to anticipate what is going to happen based on every past experience we have ever had. This leads to our brain seeing a lot of sameness and meaningless relationships. I’m curious because there are a lot of companies out there that focus on design thinking but I still believe it’s not enough. I’m interested to see if adding in the neurological factor will work and if brands will see the potential and value in this model or resort back to models that achieve standard efficiencies.


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