Stella Cidre Launches Weather-Activated Ad Campaign

Stella Artois is hoping to make the inconsistencies of British summer weather an irrelevance with weather-activated ads. The outdoor effort takes over digital out-of-home ad spots when the temperature rises two degrees or more above the average in that specific location. Anything below, and the ad will not appear. It serves up a scene of handpicked apples with the brewer looking to highlight the cider’s taste at times when people are most likely to impulse buy.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 8.48.46 AMIt is the first time AB Inbev has served weather-activated, location-based ads in real-time and the company plans to expand the approach to other brands such as Budweiser and Beck’s depending on how successful it is. The activity, developed in partnership with Posterscope and Liveposter, is part of a wider summer campaign launched last month. The system, which is connected to digital out-of-home ad spots across the country, automatically turns ad spots on and off based on the results of a real-time weather data plug-in. Ads will not appear in locations registering lower temperatures, or where it is raining.

Why I’m Curious: This innovative media mechanic is yet another way agencies are pushing the boundaries through digital technologies to be relevant to our consumers, at just the right time. I find this to be a very clever approach to offer meaning and value to consumers through a medium that is often distant and less relatable.


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