Say Goodbye To Burnt Popcorn With New iPhone App


Deutsch LA has created an iPhone application called “Perfect Pop” in an effort to once and for all fix the universal dilemma of burnt popcorn. Charred bags, singed kernels, and smoky microwaves will become a thing of the past with PopSecret’s new mobile innovation. By monitoring the sounds of microwave popcorn bags, the app aims to prevent overdoing popcorn kernels with the help of a playful popcorn mascot that notifies you when it’s time to eat.

From PSFK,

“Without being formally launched, Perfect Pop has already seen 80,000 people download it from the iTunes store in a bid to save their movie night from culinary disaster. The app is currently for iPhones only, so Android users, you’ll still have to fight the good fight against burnt popcorn.”

Why I’m Curious:

I’m curious about this app because listening to what people say via social media is a valuable lesson to be learned. Simply paying attention to the specific needs of the consumer can yield a powerful response as seen here when “…there [were] over 400 tweets per week complaining about burnt popcorn” (PSFK). Interestingly, mcgarrybowen UK also has hoped on the food apps bandwagon with “Happy Egg Timer”, a similar concept but with eggs.


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