Power Matrix: Siemens Energy Game

Siemens maintains its dedication to sustainability with a browser game to raise awareness and teach people about new forms of energy. Power Matrix starts you off with a rural territory where your future city will develop. The goal is to provide your new city with a sustainable power supply through a mix of various energy technologies while keeping a budget. You can trade excess energy, buy additional power generated by others, and even build an energy network to fund an energy research department that provides more efficient solutions and new technologies that are lower in emissions.

Why I’m Curious:

The amount of information required to create this must have been massive and I think it’s an impressive use of big data and analytics in an engaging and socially conscious way. The game flows through different energy sources and accounts for the effects they have on the community and environment. Although it’s a game, the truth is, the energy technologies presented are all available now, to be invested in and used to address the energy and economic concerns being faced all over the world.

Additionally, I think the idea and practice of CSR isn’t going anywhere, and will only become a larger part of the conversation as companies explore innovative ways to create and distribute truly innovative content that supports their corporate philosophy.


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