Parallax with Purpose: ReadWrite Uses the Trend to Creatively Serve Up Ads

Formerly known as ReadWriteWeb, ReadWrite has undergone a recent facelift, adopting responsive design techniques while integrating a slew of trendy features in smart ways.

Today’s subject of interest? The use of parallax on content pages to creatively serve up ads. Simply scroll through content on the site, and the sleek web tactic randomly pulls in a substantially sized ad unit that contextually makes sense in the space, serving up branded content rather than a hard sell banner unit.

Here’s how it all unfolds:

1. Oh hey, this is a great article. I’m reading through it – good stuff – so I keep on a’reading. Wait, what’s that poking in all of a sudden? Probably just supporting visuals for the piece, right?

ReadWrite Parallax Ad 1

2. Wrong. It’s an ad! An impossible-to-close-out-or-ignore ad. So I keep on scrolling, because obviously the article is not quite over yet, and what do I come upon? More than an ad, I’ve stumbled upon an interactive unit full of content goodies from Siemens.

Clicking on each tile serves up a different content tease within the page, but actually clicking to see more pops open a new tab.

Read Write Parallax Ad 2

3. Wow, I actually paid attention to a digital ad – an impressive feat considering people are more likely to survive a plane crash than click a banner ad. And as you can see, it’s easy to go along my merry way, right back to the core content I originally visited.

ReadWrite Parallax Ad 3

Why I’m Curious

It’s no secret that advertisers have struggled to find ways to effectively capture the attention of internet users. With the platform originating as a sort of “safe from advertising zone,” it’s been an ongoing struggle to introduce substantial ad units without irritating users in a space where they can be highly vocal.

So upon finding this example on ReadWrite, I see a new era of digital unfolding – one where the ads are seamlessly infused into content rather than placed around it, begging to be ignored. The result? Deeper, more meaningful engagement as well as impressions that are far more valuable than when one might see a banner ad in their peripheral vision, if at all.

To see the feature in action, feel free to click around ReadWrite. It doesn’t always appear, so you may need to visit a few pages before the model filters into layout.

Here’s to progressive content. Stay curious, dear friends.


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