Not The Every Day Vending Machine


New York City is adopting and altering a bicycle service that is currently happening in the city of Boston. Originally individuals could purchase bicycle helmets in centrally located vending machines throughout the city. New York is now in the process of expanding that idea; instead of allowing people to only purchase helmets they’re adding different options to the vending machine: tire pumps, and different bicycle parts. Two existing machines are being tested out in Brooklyn and more are said to pop up in Manhattan near popular bike trails. This is a dynamic that is suggested to increase the amount of cyclers in the city.

From PSFK:

“…a new service created Express Biker has come up with a way to rescue those in need with their vending machines.”

Why I’m Curious

Just being in the city for a couple of weeks I’ve noticed how cycling is being heavily  pushed on to the general public. They have just recently added the Citi Group Bikes and now they’re trying to implement easier service for bike breakdowns. I’m curious to see if people resort to bicycling over other means of transportation. Personally riding a bike around New York City streets seems a little scary.


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