New App is Yelp for Men

lulu7 lulu6

Lulu is a new app that lets ladies post reviews and recommendations about their ex-boyfriends. The app is available on both iOS and Android, but men aren’t allowed to access the profiles and ratings shared by ex-girlfriends.

From Mashable:

Here’s how it works: After female users ages 18 and up access the app and sync it to Facebook, they can add a guy to the database and upload a picture. All users are anonymous — no names included — and activities are kept off Facebook. But if you come across a profile that might be of interest to someone you know, you can share profiles with Facebook friends. Hashtags can also be added to the guy’s profile, so characteristics are searchable.

Why I’m Curious

The app is causing some controversy, and has some people wondering if it’s just for guy-bashing. Similar to Yelp, it has me wondering if I would trust another girl’s review of a guy. But the founders claim the majority of reviews are positive, which could actually help guys get a date. I’m curious to see what happens when all the app data gets leaked over to users’ Facebook profiles…

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