JEEP GPS purposely gets people lost

To help Argentinians get out of the city, Jeep and Leo Burnett Buenos Aires created the first GPS with a function to help drivers get lost in nature. The “GPS to Get Lost” app is designed to give your GPS the power to take you “God knows where.” The app helps drivers discover 28 off-road spots in Argentina, and lets them choose between terrains like mountain, sand, or woods.


Jeep drivers can select the app and choose their terrain from several options like mountain, sand or woods. The GPS will then take them to one of 28 off-road destinations in the middle of nowhere, helping them discover new places.

This initiative puts the GPS in control, so that Jeep owners can reimmerse themselves in nature. You can check it out in the video below:


One thought on “JEEP GPS purposely gets people lost

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